One of the most significant things we have come to understand over the past several years is the importance of  “letting go” or “allowing”.  We consider it a significant understanding, because it is not something that was part of our upbringing or education.

On the contrary, the society we live in teaches us the value of struggle and will power and striving to attain our goals and dreams and wishes. These are qualities of the pioneer spirit, and describe an archetype identified with our nation’s history of rugged individualism and self-reliance as the means to succeed.  We remember being told that nothing comes without effort.  It is the basis for what is described as the Puritan Ethic.

The idea of letting go and allowing something to happen is a very different approach to moving through life than that of struggle to make something happen.  Allowing is based on the assumption that there are forces at work in the universe that are benevolent and that our birthright is to live in a condition of well-being.  At first, our conditioning makes accepting this idea difficult. It requires faith in a universe that leans toward abundance and creativity.  We have to look for signs that the creativity of our right brain is just as valuable as our left-brain’s rational discipline.

In our work as Acutonics® sound healing and Matrix Energetics practitioners, we have found that letting go and allowing the flow of all possibilities can result in outcomes that we and our clients couldn’t have imagined.

A key element in entering a state of allowing is the shift out of reliance on primary left brain processing and opening up to the expansion that right brain consciousness allows.

Acutonics® sound healing creates a vibratory environment that promotes altered states of consciousness and makes us comfortable in shifting out of restriction and into expansion.

Matrix Energetics focuses us on “heart space” and integrates feelings, images, archetypes and our joyful connection to source energy with our more linear logical “head space” processes.

Both Acutonics® and Matrix experiences give us a boost to step outside of and let go of the boxes that consciously or unconsciously limit us and promote a state of allowing to create the life we desire from the infinite possibilities that exist for optimum health, ease in prosperity and loving relationships.