Harmonic Medicine

Harmonic Medicine uses sound as a therapeutic tool to heal body, mind and spirit. We use the Acutonics® system of sound healing. This comprehensive system uses tuning forks calibrated to planetary energetics. This planetary energy known as “The Music Of The Spheres” has been used by healers for centuries. The Acutonics® system incorporates the Chinese Medical system of meridians and points to influence the body’s energy. Additional energy centers such as the chakras are also accessed in this method of healing. In addition to the tuning forks, we use Tibetan bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, drums, rattles, didgeridoo (yidaki). We also use 16 symphonic gongs tuned to planetary frequencies. We think of our center as a “Sound Sanctuary”, a place to nourish the spirit as well as the body to bring harmony and healing. Generally harmonic medicine is incorporated into our other services, but is used alone also as a needle-less method of affecting the acupuncture energy system.

Harmonic energy work can also be done remotely on Zoom or FaceTime.