Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

tcmTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. This centuries old medical system helps to bring the energy of the body into balance by the insertion of ultra thin needles into acupuncture points on the meridian energy grid of the body. Acupuncture has been effective in treating a variety of acute and chronic health problems including, musculoskeletal problems, gynecological issues, digestive disorders, allergies, respiratory ailments, sleep disorders, circulatory problems, headaches, addictions, low energy, stress and many other health issues. By bringing the body into balance it assists the body to use it’s innate healing ability to heal itself. Chinese herbal medicine is often combined with acupuncture to improve healing capacity. Chinese herbs are combined in a manner that allows the energy of the herbs to interact synergistically to promote changes in the body’s energy. Combining Acutonics® and Harmonic Medicine with acupuncture allows very deep access to healing energy with the use of far fewer needles. It also promotes very deep relaxation, which allows the acupuncture treatment to be more effective.