Welcome to the Whispering Dragon blog. We have added this journal to our website to address topics that interest us and that may resonate with you.

The focus of our work ( and most of the rest of our lives) is vibration and energy alignment. Since we see vibration and energy as the root of everything, what we blog about will cover a wide variety of ideas, practices and consciousness technologies.

The significance of vibration and sound reaches back to ancient times and was discussed in the writing of Hermes Trismagistus (particularly the 7 Hermetic Principles) and Plato in the Myth of Er. Hermes declared that “nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” Modern physics tells us that everything is made up of tiny vibrating strings and that the frequency of the vibrating strings defines the manifestation in physical reality. In other words, the trees, the water, the plants, animals, you and I are energy vibrating at different frequencies. All vibration becomes physically manifest in particular form through consciousness.

Our consciousness interacts with the undifferentiated field of these vibratory strings, (Zero Point Field) influencing how things manifest on the physical plane. This is what modern physics refers to when it says that consciousness collapses the wave form into particle form, creating the particulate matter (electrons, neutrons etc) that makes up what we call physical reality.
Basically, everything was thought before it became form. We do, through conscious thoughts and feelings, create our experience of the world. Healthy vibratory states contribute to our health and well being by facilitating better feelings and more optimistic thoughts. There are lots of ways to influence vibration.

One of the ways we help people to align with more optimal vibratory states is Acutonics® sound healing. See the services section of our web site for more detailed description of Acutonics® and other energetic approaches to vibrational alignment and well being.

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